About Us

We are a congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, with our ministry focus in the southwestern part of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin metropolitan area. 

Why “Covenant”? Why “Presbyterian”?

Covenant is a place of new beginnings, yet, a church with roots in the past.

It is Presbyterian in that it is led by servant-leaders who serve Jesus Christ and His people. Covenant Presbyterian is a church that takes the Bible seriously. The Bible is of central importance to us. We desire to be a community that is informed and formed by His Word.

Covenant Church began as a mission congregation of Falls Presbyterian Church. We are part of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, a denomination that was founded in 1936. The OPC’s beliefs are set forth in the Westminster Standards. These documents reflect the historical, scriptural teachings on the authority of the Bible, the necessity of faith and repentance for salvation, the conviction of salvation by grace alone and secured by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Because “Covenant” rests on the promise of God and the completed work of Jesus Christ, “Covenant” shows great promise for the future.